Aquatek Marine Meranti plywood is specifically designed to compete in the North American marine plywood market by offering a competitive price point with domestic Fir marine grade plywood, while still offering similar characteristics to those of our Hydrotek marine Meranti.

Manufactured to British Standard 6566 (BS6566), by the same factory in South East Asia that produces our Hydrotek Marine Meranti plywood. Aquatek marine plywood is manufactured with select, uniform, Light Red Meranti face and core veneers to ensure both strength and durability to maintain the strength and durability to weight ratio required for marine plywood. The use of slightly thicker core veneers allows us to offer this panel as an inexpensive alternative to both European and North American marine plywood products, while still being produced to the British Marine plywood standard.

Available in all thickness from each of our warehouse locations, and through our network of distributors, we can fulfill your marine plywood requirements no matter how large or small.

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