Wolstenholme International was one of the first companies to offer an FSC certified Okoume marine plywood in the North American market. The Okoume species is used extensively in wooden boat building for its ideal strength and durability-to-weight ratio and is grown only in the equatorial west coast of Africa.

The Joubert Group™ is proud to follow in a family tradition of quality, a trait that has unquestionably contributed to their reputation in Europe and in the North American market. In addition, Joubert has consistently maintained respect for the environment and continues to ensure this is a company priority. For this reason, environmental preservation practices are written into the heart of The Joubert Group™’s economic policies and they maintain both, FSC certification, and European-based PEFC certification as evidence of this commitment.

In close collaboration with their harvesting partners, the priority of eco-certification is exhibited in each stage of production in their Okoume marine plywood. Joubert has, and always will have, total commitment to the preservation of the environment.

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