Italian MultiPly Poplar Plywood

Poplar plywood produced in northern Italy and southern France has carved out a unique niche in the North American market. Unlike Poplar found in other countries, Poplar from France, Italy, and Spain is extremely white in color and can be stained to take on the appearance of many exotic hardwoods.

Wolstenholme International works closely with the largest and most advanced plywood producers in Europe to create a custom panel, peeling thin veneers to offer a MultiPly edge that offers greater stability, and performance in addition to a modern more appealing aesthetic edge appearance. These panels are designed to highlight the exposed edge of the panel to show the quality and craftsmanship that is required by many high-end furniture and store fixture manufacturers.

In addition to the unique visual appearance of the exposed edge of this MultiPly panel, the extremely low density is ideal for application where weight is a concern.

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