Poplar plywood produced in northern Italy and southern France has carved out a unique niche in the North American market. Unlike Poplar found in other countries, Poplar from France, Italy, and Spain is extremely white in color and can be stained to take on the appearance of many exotic hardwoods.

When manufactured in 3mm thickness, Poplar is used as a flexible panel that can bend into desired shapes without rupturing the grain of the face veneers, so the panel can be easily stained, painted, or laminated after being formed to meet the desired radius. These thin panels can be used in multiple sheets to achieve thicker curved components or singularly as a face covering for curved surfaces or framework. Available in both 4’x8′ and 8’x4′ face veneer grain orientation, to offer flexibility in use for any curved component application.

In the thicker panels of 6mm up to 25mm, the extremely low density of the Poplar plywood produced in Europe are ideal for applications where weight is a primary concern. Lightweight Poplar plywood is produced as a multi-ply panel that offers both, stability and strength, and a lower price point to other engineered options such as honeycomb or foam-core panels.

In additional to traditional applications such as the model making, children’s toys, and furniture, Italian Poplar plywood is commonly used in yacht and R.V. interiors to reduce weight and allow for heavier decorative finishes, such as marble, metal, or denser wood species such as Mahogany.

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