Wolstenholme International strives to offer innovative products to meet our client’s expectations. Our in-depth understanding of market changes and customer requirements allows us to continually diversify our product offerings. We stock unique panel products such as lightweight plywood, flexible plywood, oversized and non-standard dimensions, cut to size plywood, and various finishes and laminates.

Our network fabricators, located throughout the country can offer custom layup of panels that can achieve thickness not typically offered by plywood producers, in addition to cut-to-size, and specialty machining. We also offer Flatline UV finishing, in various tints that can be applied to any of our plywood products.

Laminates such as paint, melamine, or Phenolic surface films are available from our suppliers to reduce labor and material costs for our customers and optimize their production capacity. The flexibility of laminates we provide offers decorative finishes for the furniture, cabinet, and store fixture industries as well as industrial surface treatments for the construction, transportation, and concrete formwork industries.